How to Prevent Smartphone Fires – 12 Suggestions


This video gives some basic tips on how to prevent smartphone fires (listed below). If you have immediate concerns about your own phone catching fire, then shut it down and bring it to an authorized repair center right away.

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Here are my 12 suggestions:

1. Use the correct manufacturer’s charging cable!

2. Replace the battery with one from the manufacturer.

3. Inspect your battery twice a year, perhaps more.

4. Inspect the charging port and cable.

5. Implement wise charging procedures.

6. Monitor your phone’s heat periodically.

7. Be careful when charging the phone in the car.

8. Keep your phone clean.

9. Watch for updates – especially OS updates.

10. Replace the phone if it is dropped in water or is potentially damaged.

11. Watch out for third-party waterproofers.

12. Be careful with third party add-ons.

Final note: Consider simply turning the phone off when not in use. This (or at least enabling airplane mode) will reduce the heat generated by the phone, thereby reducing the risk of fire. Be safe everyone! – with all of your electronics.