Errata – Security+ Cert Guide SY0-501

This page contains errata, typos, and additions for the Security+ Cert Guide SY0-501 Standard Edition (blue cover).

(Errors are in red. Modifications are in blue. Additions and typos are not color-coded. Page numbers refer to the print book. For e-books, refer to the Chapter and Section.)

Error: Chapter 3, Page 60, “Use a BIOS password” bullet: The term “supervisor” should be “administrator”. (Pg 39 of the Academic Edition – the book with the green cover).

Error: Chapter 7, Page 237, 4th paragraph, 2nd sentence. hosts.txt is incorrect. This should simply read as “hosts”. This file does not use an extension.

Addition: Chapter 12: PIA and PTA were not covered:

Addition: Chapter 14, Page 491, Diffie-Hellman section. Groups was not covered.

Error: Page 710, Practice Exam 1 Question 69:

The question should ask for three possible answers, and the answers should be: A, B, and C. The explanation is correct.

How the users are added to the OUs is another matter. To reduce time and effort, groups would most likely be used, but that is somewhat implied when talking about Windows Server administration. Exactly how it is done is not too important for this question, as long as the users are assigned the required roles

Error: Index, Page 752, “Application layer” should be lower-case: “application layer”. Individual OSI layers are not proper nouns and should not be capitalized. (Pg 483 in the Academic Edition.)

Addition: Chapter 16, Page 560: MTBF


Addition: Port & Protocol Use Cases:

Addition: Encryption Use Cases:

Practice Engine Errata

Error: Question ID: SY0-501-4-10-054. This question should ask for two correct answers. They are Firewall and VPN.