ASUS GTX 970 Video Card Upgrade


I decided to upgrade the video card of the AV-Editor computer. This is mainly because I needed a better card for video editing in Adobe Premiere Pro and Camtasia. Check out this monster of a card (click the photo to enlarge).


I go through the hardware and software install and config as well as a little benchmarking in the video below. I kept the old GT 730 card and placed that in a PCIe x16 version 2 slot. This is being used for secondary video purposes and as a backup.

The card does the job, allowing for much smoother video editing especially when working with multiple layers.

As it turns out, this GTX 970 card (in this system) is amazing for games as well – performing at an average of 120 FPS on a couple of really CPU/GPU intensive games at the highest video settings. I purchased this card from Amazon for $250 in August of 2016. But newer versions are available. Always shop around for deals on video cards of this type – and be patient! Their prices can be really volatile.

Video Installation

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