Tech QOTD – Topic: E-mail Security


Tech question of the day (Security+): Your organization is concerned about spear phishing. The CEO wants to improve the overall security posture by proving where e-mail originates from – for all e-mail messages. Examine the figure (click to enlarge). What two things have to be performed in order to implement this security control? (This image is from Outlook 2016.)

(see answer below and video response)



1. First we need to obtain a Digital ID. This can either be imported (if one already exists) by clicking the Import/Export button, or can be obtained from a company such as  DocuSign or Comodo, by clicking the Get a Digital ID button. (Which brings you to this link.)

2. Next, we have to click the Add digital signature to outgoing messages checkbox.

These are both accomplished in the Trust Center in Outlook 2016 (and older versions of Outlook such as 2013 and 2010. Outlook 2007 works a bit differently).

Video Solution:

Microsoft Support link:

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