Tech QOTD – Topic: E-mail Connectivity and Security


A user (Mr. Underhill) requires a secure e-mail connection using port 995 for incoming mail and port 465 for outgoing mail. Currently, the user cannot send or receive e-mail and all tests fail. Examine the figure and answer the following questions.

  1. Why can’t the user receive e-mail?
  2. What should you do to check why the user can’t send e-mail?

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(see answer below and video response.)

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  1. To fix the incoming mail problem the Account Type setting should be changed from IMAP to POP3. That is because the user is required to use port 995 which is a commonly used secure port for POP3. The port will have to be changed by clicking the More Settings button. Most likely, the mail server name is incorrect as well. Many secure e-mail servers will use a name such as secure.[domainnamehere].com. The network admin should be contacted to verify any and all names and ports to be used by the e-mail account. A commonly used secure port for IMAP is 993.
  2. To address the outgoing mail problem we should once again check the server name and then click the More Settings button (and go to advanced) to check the port number. Secure SMTP connections often use port 465.

Video Solution:

Example of port settings with Rackspace