Tech QOTD – Topic: Proximity Security (Security+)


You have decided to install technology that will allow you to identify who enters and exits your datacenter. You are using tags like the one shown in the figure. What type of technology have you decided upon? Bonus: What frequency range does this device most likely use?


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The technology you decided upon is RFID (radio-frequency identification). This is used for proximity readers (entry/exit of personnel) and all kinds of tagging of equipment (and many other things). RFID technology can allow an organization to provide automated notification of item removal.

RFID can use many different frequency ranges – two of the most common are 13.56 MHz and the 120-150 kHz range. The HID proximity key shown in the figure runs at 125 kHz. Here’s the link to the datasheet for that particular device – called the ProxKey III.

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