A+ 220-901 & 220-902 Study Page


!! The A+ 220-901 & 220-902 exams were retired on July 31st, 2019 (English).

The newer Core 1 (220-1001) and Core 2 (220-1002) exams are available now.

See this page for more information about the 220-100X series exams.

Welcome to my CompTIA A+ 220-901 & 220-902 study page! The A+ certification is designed to test your skills with PCs, laptops, mobile devices, operating systems, and basic networking and security concepts. It is the most well-known certification in the computer industry and many companies require/recommend that you have it. This study page acts as a starting point for you in your goal to obtain the A+ certification.

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A+ Exam Details

Exam Codes 220-901 and 220-902
Launch Date December 15, 2015
Exam Description CompTIA A+ 220-901 covers PC hardware and peripherals, mobile device hardware, networking and troubleshooting hardware and network connectivity issues.

CompTIA A+ 220-902 covers installing and configuring operating systems including Windows, iOS, Android, Apple OS X and Linux. It also addresses security, the fundamentals of cloud computing and operational procedures.

Number of Questions Maximum of 90 questions per exam
Type of Questions Multiple choice questions (single and multiple response), drag and drops and performance-based
Length of Test 90 Minutes per exam
Passing Score 220-901: 675 (on a scale of 900)
220-902: 700 (on a scale of 900)
Recommended Experience 9 to 12 months hands-on experience in the lab or field
Languages English, German, Japanese, Portuguese, French and Spanish (Modern)
Retirement TBD – Usually three years after launch
Price $211 USD per exam (See all pricing)

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I hope you benefited from this study page! Good luck with your exams!

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