Tech QOTD – Batteries – A+


Take a look at the figure. Can this cause Windows 10 to fail to boot properly? (Click to enlarge. See the answer and video response below.)



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Yes it can! In this case, the batteries fell below the proper operating range. This caused a chain reaction: the batteries were installed to a wireless keyboard connected via USB. The USB connection failed because of this and caused the spinning circle of Windows 10 – a boot failure. For best results, AAA batteries should operate at 1.5 or 1.6 volts DC. Once they were replaced (and the system was rebooted), Windows 10 booted normally once again. Of course, this is just one of many possible causes of the Windows 10 spinning circle, but it goes to show that you should check the basics first before doing any major configuration changes to the system. Check simple things first such as connections, batteries, power, and so on. Think of the system as an entire set of sub-systems, and troubleshoot one sub-system at a time. See the video solution for lots more.

Video Solution

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