Tech QOTD – Xbox Ports – A+


Take a look at the figure and answer the following two questions. (Click to enlarge. See the answer and video response below.)

  1. What type of HDMI cable do we need to output 4K video?
  2. Which of the ports is an optical port?



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  1. The HDMI cable must be a high-speed cable that is compliant with the HDMI 2.0 specification (or higher). The 2.0 specification is important to achieve the correct frame rate and resolution. While a lesser cable (such as HDMI 1.4) might display video, it may not display at the proper frame rate and/or resolution.
  2. The S/PDIF is the optical port. This particular variety of S/PDIF uses a TOSLINK optical connection and cable.

See the video solution for more.

Video Solution

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