Building a Computer Network (BACN) Video Course


Check out the Building a Computer Network video course. In the BACN course I build a “basic” network from scratch in my lab. The course is virtually all hands-on and is a great way to learn the basics of computer networking. It also serves as a good supplement to your CompTIA A+ or Network+ training.


You can purchase the entire course on Pearson’s website at this link. Enter the code PROWSE70 at checkout to receive a 70% discount.

or, watch it on Safari here (subscription to Safari required).

Sample: Configuring the IP Network Part I

Click this link for a partial list of the equipment (and purchase links) that I used in the course.



(last updated 8/29/2017):

Sub-lesson 2.4 – Configuring the IP Network Part II, at 8:10.

The callout has the wrong syntax (I pasted the wrong one apparently, my apologies). The correct syntax follows:

route add -p mask metric 2