Tech QOTD – Throughput & Resilience – Network+


Take a look at the figure and answer the following question.

There are two patch cables connecting the router and the switch. What technology am I attempting to make use of?

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What I am attempting to do in the figure is link aggregation. This is the combining of two or more ports which allows for increased throughput, and resilience in the form of a fault tolerant port in case one of them fails. Both devices must support link aggregation. In this example, the SOHO router (TP-Link AC5400) and the Cisco switch (SG200) both support it. The router allows it on two of the four Ethernet ports, whereas the Cisco switch can implement it on any and all ports. Link aggregation needs to be configured on both devices, and it is recommended that the configuration be done prior to making the physical connection to avoid any potential looping.

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Video Solution:

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