A+ QOTW: During the holidays it’s tough to quarantine germs, but you sure can quarantine e-mails!


A+ question of the week: Examine the figure.
A user receives many unwanted e-mails in Outlook. What are the first two solutions that you should suggest?

(See the answer and video response below.)



The first two solutions that you should suggest are to:

1.) Block the sender (or sender’s entire domain) and

2.) Adjust the level of junk e-mail protection (for example, change it to “High”).

Going further you might create an e-mail filter at your mail server or other security appliance (if you have one). If your e-mail is hosted externally you can usually set filters with them as well – as long as you have administrative access.

Video answer

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PS: I noticed that the A+ questions weren’t actually daily, so I changed the title to question of the week (QOTW). Enjoy!