Tech Question of the Day (A+) – Section 31 is most definitely bad…


Tech Question of the Day (A+): Examine the figure. What command was run?

(See the answer and video response below.)



The command that was run was chkdsk E: /R. This checks the drive (in this case E: which is named Apps), looks for bad clusters (/R) and repairs them if necessary (and if possible). There were no errors found and so no action was taken other than the examination, but this is a potential solution if Windows is reporting file system corruption (perhaps in the Event Viewer) and/or startup and shutdown are very slow.

Of course, back up data first, and for large drives with a lot of data consider running this command off hours as it may take a long time to complete. In this case the command took 2 minutes to check an 86 GB partition that had only 744 MB of data on it.

Video Solution


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