Tech Question of the Day (A+): Know your video specs!


Tech Question of the Day (A+): Watch the video and answer the following questions (which are stated in the video as well).
1. What motherboard expansion slot specifications are required for the Asus GTX970 card, if we want to run it at maximum performance? Include the type of slot, amount of lanes, and version.
2. Challenge: Which slots can this card be installed to on the Asus X-99A motherboard?

(See the answer and video response below.)


1: The video card requires a PCI Express (PCIe) slot. It needs to be x16 and version 3.

2: Challenge answer: The video card can be installed to either slot 1 or slot 4 (if available) of the Asus X-99A motherboard. While slot 6 meets the requirements as far as the type of slot and the data transfer rate, it does not provide enough space for the card (unless you did some hefty modifications).

Skip to 2:30 in the video for the solution…

Video Solution

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